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For dragon lovers everywhere
tl,dr: CONTEST! You! Thru the end of December! Undead or Eldritch Dragons! Anyone can enter! 2000 points and more up for grabs! SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO THE UNDEAD AND ELDRITCH CONTEST FOLDER.

Alright, everyone!  It's time for a serious CONTEST! The Mask/Costume prompt will still remain open for another week, but I promised a contest for the month of October, so here it is!

And I'm giving you leeway with this one by giving you TWO different themes you can pick from! It doesn't matter which one you pick, it just needs to be your awesomest!  So much choice is unprecedented!! What kind of anarchy will ensue? :P

Hopefully not this much. (

October is upon us, and that means HALLOWEEN. So it's time for us to put our focus on the darkest, most frightening, most evil dragons around--the ones that dwell not in caves or castles, but in your very nightmares.

Are you ready? You better be ready!! We're gonna have a spooky Halloween fantasy party for the rest of the year! I don't care if you think you're not good enough to enter the contest; masterpieces or scribbles, let's choke the contest folders with our creepiest dragons ever!


After all that work they put into burying him... (

All dragons are magical, but some wield the most unnatural and frightening magic of all--Necromancy! Lich Dragons!  Zombie Dragons!  Skeletal Dragons!  Vampire Dragons! Necromancer Dragons!  
Daznath The Necromancer by damie-m
These dragons have sold their souls for eternal life, and they want to turn your corpse into their puppet!  
Undead by Kerneinheit
Or maybe your undead dragon is someone else's undead puppet!  
Norvaalg the Cursed Dragon by WretchedSpawn2012
Or perhaps they are cursed or infected with a horrific zombie plague! Whatever the case, these wretched monstrosities are out for blood, and October is their favorite month to march. SO...

The first theme requires you to design an undead dragon!

Why Dragon Army never loses. (…)
(by :icondamie-m:)


Give us a kiss, love.

But maybe you're not feeling the undead vibe. No, you like to delve into deeper knowledge. Things mortals are not meant to know. Maybe you were so unfortunate to have had a vision of something.  Something big.  Something wrong.  And you cannot sleep for fear of your nightmares.

You poor soul.  You have just enough sanity left in you to scratch onto your paper or tablet a depiction that does no justice to the length, breadth, magnitude, and horror of the being who has permitted you, who searched too far, to bend your mind for just a moment around the closest approximation human eyes can make to the true form of a being whose very image causes mortals to claw out their own eyes and spin into gibbering madness. You have seen an Eldritch Dragon.

For the last time, we don't want a puny Earth vacuum. Ours sucks in twelve dimensions. Tell that girl scout down the street to bring me 7 boxes of Thin Mints tho... D: (

The second theme to choose from requires you to design a Lovecraftian or Eldritch Dragon!  The more twisted and alien it is, the better, but it must somehow be recognizably draconic.

Third Evil Dragon by Rodrigo-VegaEldritch Dragons by SirHanselotDance of Green Dragons by lestats1stlover
"And this is my daughter sl'¬˚…å∆kat, and my son L'nåπ∑ø˜, and my beautiful wife P'th∆ß˚∆ƒ∂£.  I met her when I was only 11843 centuries old.  We're high school sweethearts."

By the way, it was fairly difficult for me to turn up this many relevant images on DeviantART's search bar for Eldritch or Lovecraftian Dragons.  If you make something awesome in this topic and with those tags, you're likely to turn up on the front page for anyone who searches that topic!  Not many people on DA have explored this theme before (that I can see, anyway) so this will be a great contribution to the community!

CONTEST RULES===============================

  • Create a NEW deviation that fits one or both of the above themes.

  • By new, I mean the deviation must be submitted after the posting of this journal.  I want to inspire everyone to create new work, not just provide exposure for old work.

  • No sexual content.  Violence/gore is fine as long as it is properly tagged.

  • SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO THE UNDEAD AND ELDRITCH CONTEST FOLDER. This folder is open to ALL deviantART members, not just the members of our group.

  • YOUR DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31st.  I want to give you plenty of time so that everyone can participate!  That's twelve whole weeks, folks!

  • Submit as many times as you want!


First Prize:
  • 2000 points from :iconqydra:
  • A 3-month Core Membership from :iconqydra:
  • A llama and an inked and colored sketch from :iconthekidwithaknife:
  • A chibi commission from :iconshadow-lockheed:
  • A one-hour speedpaint commission from :icontatiilange:
  • A sketch commission from :iconjaruk:
  • A full-body colored commission, with or without background, from :iconwinterocelot:

Second Prize:
  • A llama and an inked sketch from :iconthekidwithaknife:
  • A chibi commission from :iconshadow-lockheed:
  • A sketch commission from :iconjaruk:
  • A colored bust commission from :iconwinterocelot:

Third Prize:
  • A llama and a sketch from :iconthekidwithaknife:
  • A chibi commission from :iconshadow-lockheed:
  • A sketch commission from :iconjaruk:
  • A colored bust commission from :iconwinterocelot:

If you wish to offer prizes or points, please send me a note.  Every donation is appreciated. :iconqydra:

The last surviving picture of a Polaroid photograph recovered from the twisted corpse of an occult fanatic who pointed his camera at an open portal to the [REDACTED]. When the picture popped out of the camera, it turned every color in the rainbow, turned several colors NOT in the rainbow, then displayed this image for ten seconds before disintegrating. Then the camera [DATA EXPUNGED]. (
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